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In the Beginning - An Opening Scene Workshop

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       Hi, I'm Jennifer Harris.

Jennifer Harris - Editor, Author, Writing Mentor, & Musician

Jennifer Harris - Editor, Author, Writing Mentor, & Musician

I’m an editor, author, writing mentor, and musician.

While I love working with--and do work with--very experienced authors, I specialize in the support of first time authors with a specific focus on writers suffering from a reluctance or fear of publishing their first works, whether it be from a lack of knowledge about the publishing process or simply the fear of putting their work out in the world.

I put a special emphasis on editing in a sensitive and nonjudgmental manner, and offer additional support in the form of education, tips, exercises, technique recognition and acquisition.

Don’t allow a lack of knowledge or fear of rejection stand in the way of your success. I know from personal experience how daunting the writing and publishing process can be.

If you are a writer who is having trouble getting your work off the ground and out to the public, I can offer you a step by step process to achieve your goal of becoming a published author. The first step is always the hardest.

Let's take that step together.

Who Am I?

My love of the written word was the motivation for the creation of my business. From the time I was a very young child I have been captivated by the magic of a good story. I learned early on that a well written book had the ability to form and transform my opinions, transport me to new places, and introduce me to characters and worlds beyond my imagination. In my desire to share this experience, I started reading to my classmates when I was in preschool, and in my early teens I completed my first novel. While you won't ever find that book on a best-seller list, it cemented my relationship with the written word and was the catalyst for my chosen profession.
I am in awe of the power that words hold.

The ability of well placed words to spark debate, comfort grief, create joy, induce fear, incite war, and proffer peace while triggering a host of human emotions has taught me to honor those words and treat them with tremendous respect.
The first time I worked with a writer through the entire process of conception and development, editing and polishing, and finally to design and marketing, I knew I had found my calling.

I truly have a passion for the whole process.
It is my hope that if you find yourself with a story to tell, characters to introduce to the world, thoughts and ideas fighting to escape onto paper that you will allow me to help you realize your dreams.

On the blog, I share writing, editing, and publishing tips and techniques. I also write about the place where art and science collide, inspiring us to become more productive, focused, and successful.

I hope you find the articles helpful and creative to your inspired mind.

Have a question? Feel free to contact me. Want to work with me? Sign up here.