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Inspiring Creative Minds was created for people just LIKE YOU who want to turn their passion into a thriving business.

Whether you’re just starting out or finding yourself stuck along the way, you’re in the right place.

No matter where you are in your journey, I’ll do my best to share valuable content to help you take your business to the next level.

I know how frustrating it can feel to not know how to make your dream a reality. To spend hours each day researching the plethora of information on the internet only to feel lost and confused. I’ve absolutely been there.

You’ve got an idea brewing, a story to share, a product to sell…it’s my goal to help you do that in the fastest, easiest way possible.  


"I love helping people turn their passions into thriving businesses."

It all started when I was about 15. I began using my love of music and words to earn spending money. And I loved it. The fact that I could make money doing something that I loved was liberating. When I moved cross country and had to start over again, I turned to the computer to use my love of words to start another business. I began transcribing medical reports, which quickly turned into editing medical research papers and writing grant proposals. The business quickly grew beyond my expectations and all was going well until…voice recognition entered the scene. I knew the end was in sight for people in my line of work and knew I had to start over again. I redirected my focus to editing fiction and nonfiction novels for independent authors and entrepreneurs. At the same time, I decided to open a piano studio (I would advise against starting two businesses at the same time. Talk about overwhelm).

Both businesses grew to the point where I had to choose just one, and while I love teaching piano, I soon realized that trading time for money significantly limited growth potential. I could only teach so many lessons in a day. And sure, I could hire a few teachers, but then I’d have to consider renting a bigger space…you get the idea. Not a direction I wanted to head.

So I began to focus solely on my online business. It took a lot longer than it should have for my business to explode. Mainly because I was stuck in the analysis paralysis phase. I was spending all my time researching and reading, with little application of the knowledge I was gaining. Finally, I devised a plan to test different strategies to figure out what works best.

And that’s how Inspiring Creative Minds was born. It truly is a passion of mine to help you grow your business and make money doing what you love.

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