By J.L. Harris & D. Rankin

Jordan had her future carefully planned out. She had been accepted to nursing school and was engaged to marry Jason, the man of her dreams. But when a tragic accident claims the lives of her parents, it triggers a series of events that cause her life to spiral out of control. She soon discovers Jason isn’t the man she thought he was, and when her life is threatened, she gets a glimpse of a world that exists beneath the one she knows, where good and evil battle for control, and where losers pay the ultimate price.

Choices: The Catalyst Series Book 1


Dot has never been able to speak. She's never attended school, never gone on a first date, and most difficult of all she's never had a friend. The only thing Dot has ever known is life on her family's farm. But everything changes when her sister Avey is born and she's forced into a role that challenges her abilities.

For years Dot tries to conceal Avey's scandalous behavior in a misguided attempt to protect her. But when Avey ultimately commits an act beyond all understanding, a determined Dot sacrifices everything that's familiar to follow her from Iowa to Massachusetts. It's there Dot discovers a world full of possibilities she never knew existed.

CHOICES is a novel about a woman who refuses to give up hope - a heartbreaking yet inspiring tale of courage, faith, and the complex nature of relationships.

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