Choices: The Catalyst Series Book 1


Dot has never been able to speak. She's never attended school, never gone on a first date, and most difficult of all she's never had a friend. The only thing Dot has ever known is life on her family's farm. But everything changes when her sister Avey is born and she's forced into a role that challenges her abilities.

For years Dot tries to conceal Avey's scandalous behavior in a misguided attempt to protect her. But when Avey ultimately commits an act beyond all understanding, a determined Dot sacrifices everything that's familiar to follow her from Iowa to Massachusetts. It's there Dot discovers a world full of possibilities she never knew existed.

CHOICES is a novel about a woman who refuses to give up hope - a heartbreaking yet inspiring tale of courage, faith, and the complex nature of relationships.

Decisions: The Catalyst Series: Book 2 - Available Summer 2017!

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