Editing and proofreading to help you put your best work forward, presented to the world with words that flow and capture the minds of every reader who holds your books.

       Hi, I'm Jennifer Harris.

I’m an editor, author, writing mentor, and musician.

  Jennifer Harris  -  Editor, Author, Writing Mentor, & Musician

Jennifer Harris - Editor, Author, Writing Mentor, & Musician

While I love working with, and do work with, very experienced authors, I specialize in the support of first time authors with a specific focus on writers suffering from a reluctance or fear of publishing their first works, whether it be from a lack of knowledge about the publishing process or simply the fear of putting their work out in the world.

I put a special emphasis on editing in a sensitive and nonjudgmental manner, and offer additional support in the form of education, tips, exercises, technique recognition and acquisition.

Don’t allow a lack of knowledge or fear of rejection stand in the way of your success. I know from personal experience how daunting the writing and publishing process can be.

If you are a writer who is having trouble getting your work off the ground and out to the public, I can offer you a step by step process to achieve your goal of becoming a published author. The first step is always the hardest.

Let's take that step together.


With her attention to detail and extensive knowledge of the editing process, Jennifer has helped many authors create a professional, polished, and marketable manuscript that is publication ready.